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Details of Payroll Outsource Service By Aryan Consulting

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About Payroll Outsource Services

Aryan Consulting provides professional business outsource services that include payroll processing outsourcing. Our team of experts specializes in maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs by managing payroll and tax filings for your business quickly and accurately. As a premier business outsource, we specialize in payroll outsource services, helping businesses of all sizes manage their payroll systems quickly and efficiently. Our talented team of professionals is here to take the hassle out of payroll, giving you the confidence that your business's financials are in the right hands.

Benefits of Outsourcing

1. Experienced Team with update knowledge and insights, industry knowledge

2. No need to train, Training and hiring are done by us

3. Dedicated team to address needs of your employees, feels like own HR team

4. Supervision by industry experts and professionals

5. Process driven payroll and record keeping, following standard

6. Customised solution to suit your payment cycle and salary matrix

7. Scale-able business support

8. Reliable processing and useful insights and reports

Components of Oursourcing

  1. Maintenance of staff records, inclusion in records, calculation of salaries, bonuses, incentives payable after on-boarding up to full & final settlement calculation during exit of employees from the organisation.

  2. Aryan Consulting Team will issue appointment letters to incumbents and termination/separation letter as per advise received from the Client.

  3. Addition and removal of employee records on PF & ESI Portal, calculation of Provident Fund & Employee State Insurance to employees as per company decided policy and monthly challan creation.

  4. Calculation of TDS applicable on gross emoluments of employees shall be taken care of by Aryan Consulting team, including obtaining advance submission of estimates from employees and final submission of investment/deductible document submissions.

  5. The Client shall inform Aryan Consulting Team of monthly advance deductions or any other disciplinary or other deduction / penalties to be charged from employees during each month, on time

  6. Filing quarterly & annual salary TDS returns. Form 16 Salary Certificate is downloaded from the TDS Portal.

  7. Inclusion, deletion and maintaining records of transfer of employees on the Payroll Management System as per information received from the Client.

  8. Client will provide negotiated CTC details and Aryan Consulting team will advise and support in suggesting a breakup, mutually acceptable with the potential/ incumbent employees

  9. We will provide need based advisory regarding labour laws on request from the HR Department of the Client, on best effort basis.

  10. Aryan team shall communicate with employees to clarify their salary calculations.

  11. Aryan team shall ensure that the salary payments are communicated to Client, as per payment cycle, for monthly salary payment on the stipulated date.

  12. We maintain strict data security measures to protect sensitive employee information.

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