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India Legalities - Legal Compliance by Aryan Consulting

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Legalities in India
Legalities in India

Business exigencies and compliances differ from country to country. You need to be aware of the cultural and legal implications of your business operations in India, because you could face heavy punishment for transgressing.

It is therefore important to acquaint yourself with the law in India. There are legalities that you will have to comply with, certain laws or requirements from your country may not be applicable.

Some of the areas to investigate when setting up a business in India:

Labour Laws

The laws, rulings, and precedents which oversees the rights of, and restrictions on, employees and their organisations. This will include things such as social benefits, health benefits, retirement benefits, minimum wage in India, holiday and maternity entitlement, trade unions, disability, compensations etc.

Commercial Laws

The body of laws which oversee business and commercial activity in India. It may encompass such areas as principal and agent; freight and shipping; guarantee; marine, fire, life and accident insurance; bills of exchange and partnership; contracts; food and health regulations; safety laws; privacy rights; copyrights; trademarks; etc.

Civil / Common Law

The body of law that oversees society in India. It is invariably culture specific. It is important to familiarise yourself with these laws, especially as you will be adopting a new environment and culture.

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